TV and Film

We have for many years acted in and for the interest for many Clients who work both in the TV and Film world, both in front of and behind the camera. As we operate in both the UK and the United States, Axia Group can offer a fully rounded suite of services, advice and business management to clients and their teams based both in the UK and US.

From our client base the creativity of our clients and the specialist nature of the industry often sits uncomfortably with the often-conventional world of the professional advisor. We understand all too well of the peaks and troughs of this industry, and when the demands on you are intense, you need to know your tax and accounting matters are under control.

Through our years of experience and knowledge both in the UK and United States we are in a position where we are able to guide our TV/Film clients, management team and agents through what is often a complex range of accounting, financial and regulatory issues, but are able to provide far more than just accounting and tax advice, with full consideration to the unique nature of this image critical industry.

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