New Media

How we can help

If you’re earning a living working in New Media, you’re probably gaining income from many sources (including royalties, advertising and appearance fees), so calculating your tax can be complex.

Our services are:

Accurate – Putting you in the picture

We know that your income can come from a variety of sources but we’ll ensure that everything is correctly accounted for.

Reliable – What you see is what you get

Our experienced accountants will ensure that you always pay the right levels of tax. And that there are no nasty surprises.

If your income streams include some that originate from outside the UK, we’ll advise you about the best global tax structure that will minimise your personal and corporate tax liabilities.

Cost-effective – Sweet streams!

We’ll help you to enjoy your success by handling your financial affairs so that you can concentrate on your work.

We can’t make you rich but we CAN help you to keep as much money as possible from all your hard work.

‘I have been working with Andy and his team for two years. They provide me with expert advice in relation to my annual accounts and taxation. The team have a modern approach, however, are very professional, and always give clear advice and guidance in a prompt and efficient manner.’
Lauren – Blogger

‘I first heard about Axia due to it’s specialised services in international tax planning. As my channel is International, Axia matched my need perfectly. It was made even better with the addition of the office locations, which made communication with Andy and his team even easier for me.’
Joel – YouTuber

‘Being such a busy individual, handling accounts is something that I could not possibly fit into my schedule. Axia completely remove this issue and handle all my accounts with seamless service.’
Anthony – Instagram Influencer

Meeting Your Needs

Here are a few issues you might face and examples of how we can help you:

  • We’ll maximise your earnings– by managing the complexity of numerous income streams!
  • If you’re self- employed, we’ll check whether your income is trading income (so you can claim more expenses).
  • If you’re employed, possibly by your own limited company, our experts will make sure that the correct tax is deducted.
  • Many bloggers have a portfolio career as they are building their following – we’ll make sure that your income is properly accounted for and any opportunity to set off is used to maximum benefit.
  • Irrespective of how you’re employed, we’ll advise you about what tax-deductible expenses you can claim.

We’ll help you to navigate the complexity of UK and international tax laws:

  • Even if you’re working on multiple contracts or income streams in the UK and abroad, we’ll ensure that you only pay the tax that you owe.
  • The UK has a Double Taxation Agreement with many countries, and we can minimise the tax you pay.

We’ll help you to avoid the common tax pitfalls facing those in the New Media industry:

  • In exceptional circumstances, some YouTubers may qualify for what is called Reserved Trading Income Status (previously known as Reserved Schedule D Status).
  • If you opt for simplified expenses under the new cash basis, you won’t be able to set off any losses against other income and this could limit your expense claims.

We’ll help you to understand the breadth of allowable expenses:

Expenses are defined as being necessary for the operation of your business. We have provided a list of typical tax deductions available for bloggers:

  • Marketing costs – Online adverts.
  • Equipment – Cameras, laptops and any special software such as Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Computer and camera insurance – Protect your essential tools.
  • Clothing – If this is an integral part of your image.
  • Recording fees – Studio rental.
  • Music – Backing tracks for your posts.
  • Travel expenses – Train tickets, petrol costs.
  • Accommodation – Hotels during overnight appearances.
  • Household expenses (if you work from home).

Next steps

To find out more about how Axia could help your business, call Andy Pollard (Senior Partner) in the UK on: 0203 972 0155, or our US office on +1 424 228 9700.

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